All About Weatherization

CEC offers cash rebates for energy efficiency improvementsBy Jody Howe
CEC Energy Specialist

What is Weatherization?

An approach that separates the conditioned space (living rooms, bedrooms, etc.) from unconditioned space (attic, crawlspace and outdoors).

Your home has an “envelope”, which is where the insulation meets the solid material typically associated with the walls, floor and ceiling. Weatherizing your home helps control your heating and cooling costs, improves indoor air quality by separating the air you breathe and the air that is less healthy (attic and crawlspace) and allows you to have greater control of your comfort.

What is involved in Weatherization?

Air Sealing

Ceiling (attic), floor (crawlspace) and wall insulation, don’t ignore ventilation.

Replacement windows & exterior doors


Does my house qualify for the Weatherization Program offered by CEC?

Year Built- Older than 1992: Your home is a great candidate for the Weatherization Program, and you can qualify for a free Home Energy Assessment from CEC

Year Built- 1992 and newer: Your home was built to a higher Building Code standard and may not qualify for all parts in the Weatherization Program.

No matter the age of your home, if you have questions about qualifying or energy efficiency in general, call and speak to one of our Energy Specialists.


What do I “do” next?    

DO: Use the CEC website to learn more about the Weatherization program and incentives.

DO: Call CEC and sign up for a free virtual Home Energy Assessment if your home was built prior to 1992.

DO: Call and speak with a CEC Energy Specialist no matter what the age of your home.

DO: Review website and CEC program specifications for windows and insulation. Homeowner or contractor installs.

DO:  Call CEC for Air sealing.


ALL insulation PROJECTs MUST be pre-approved BEFORE work begins to be eligible to receive an incentive.


Duct sealing and repair can effect homes air infiltration. Duct work requires using a CEC/BPA certified contractors. Contractor List under CEC Heat Pump & Duct Sealing programs.