Benefits Beyond a Rebate

A maytag heat pumpBy Ryan Davies
CEC Director of Customer & Energy Services

The addition of a heat pump to your home’s heating system provides many benefits, including saving energy, money and making your home more comfortable.  On top of these great benefits, CEC provides a cash incentive for qualifying installations of up to $1850, when the unit is installed by a certified and approved technician.   Aside from the immediate cash benefit of the CEC Heat Pump Program the process provides another value, proper installation.

You can have the most efficient system in the world, but if it is not installed properly by a knowledgeable technician, you will not see the benefits of that system.  This is where the CEC Heat Pump Program steps in to help.  As part of our program, we provide a vetted approved contractors list.  The contractors on this list have gone through proper training to be able to install the system to a level that is aligned with the CEC Heat Pump Program.  From start to finish, we work directly with the approved contractor to ensure the system is designed and sized properly, installed to the program standards and commissioned to verify it is operating at a level that is uniform with the program.

Getting the cash rebates from the CEC Heat Pump Program is great, but the true value is a system installed to the level that the CEC Heat Pump Program adheres to.  To learn more about this process or heat pumps in general, call CEC and ask to speak with one of our Energy Specialists, or visit the CEC Heat Pump Program Main Page.