CEC Retires Direct Installation Program

Energy KitCentral Electric Cooperative is officially retiring the residential direct installation program. This was a collaboration project with the Energy Challenge of Central Oregon (The Environmental Center). A team would come in and install up to 16 LED light bulbs and 2 high efficiency shower heads or shower wands for free in CEC member’s homes.

According to CEC Customer and Energy Service Supervisor Ryan Davies, the program was conducted for three years starting in 2016. “Throughout that time frame the efforts were expanded and installations were offered across the entire CEC service territory,” he said. “The uptake was amazing, having a total of 1,567 CEC members participate.

During the program, a total of 24,437 light bulbs and 619 shower heads were installed.  These products will save on average 1,054,632 kWh annually, and an estimated 15,806,338 kWh over the life of the products.

Ryan says the primary reason the program is ending is the market transformation.  “The residential lighting market has rapidly adopted LED’s, and bulbs that were $25 a few years ago are currently $2-3,” he said. “As part of the transition, we are also eliminating the disbursement of energy saver kits.”

Ryan says members should not view the program elimination as a negative, but rather a positive. “We have accomplished our goal of encouraging market adoption while providing this valuable program for our members,” he said.