CEC Unveils EV Rebate Program

CEO Dave MarkhamDo you own or are you considering the purchase of an electric vehicle? Are you looking to buy and install a Level 2 charger at your home? If so, I have good news for you.

If you own or buy an EV, register it with CEC today and receive $50.

Buy a Level 2 charger from any retailer and you can receive a $150 rebate or $450 to install a Level 2 charger approved by the Bonneville Power Administration.

As Central Oregon’s population grows, so does our members’ interest and demand in EVs. The co-op’s service territory has the sixth-highest numbers of electric and hybrid vehicles in Oregon. Deschutes County ranks seventh-highest in Oregon for registered EVs and HEVs.

This upward trend will likely continue as EV adoption is poised to become mainstream in the decade ahead. Registering your EV with the co-op helps provide essential data to help us manage energy demands efficiently and plan for long-term electric infrastructure expansion.

The EV incentive and rebate program aligns with CEC’s historical commitment to support members’ interests. Throughout the decades, members advocated for the co-op to develop green energy and provide energy-efficiency programs.

CEC listened and took action. As a result, we built a community solar array at our Bend office in 2015. Since 1995, we have owned a portion of the Coffin Butte Landfill Gas Generation Project north of Corvallis. In the 1970s, the cooperative created a conservation and energy-efficiency program ahead of its time. Today, our programs offer members a wide range of energy-efficiency options to conserve energy.

As EVs become more affordable—accompanied by improvements in battery life and driving range—we want to partner with members to integrate EVs into our electric system that benefits everyone.

Please note, the money going to members for these EV and charger rebates does not come at the membership’s expense. The money comes from the state of Oregon’s Clean Fuel Program, funded through the purchase of credits by regulated entities whose fuel sources do not meet the annual average carbon intensity requirements. The state wants utilities to spend the financial proceeds from selling those credits on promoting transportation electrification in their service territories.

To take advantage of our valuable rebates and incentives programs, visit us at www.cec.coop/customer-service/electric-vehicles. Here, you can quickly register your vehicle, review eligible charger models and complete the online rebate application