CEC’s Balanced Payment Plan Goes Year Round

Central Electric Cooperative has made changes to its Balanced Payment Plan.

Residential rate schedule members now have the opportunity to sign up for the plan year round and can choose to recalculate their monthly payments once or twice a year. Recalculations taking place once a year will occur in September and twice a year will occur in March and September.

The Balanced Payment Plan is a better budgeting option for members so they can spread their electricity payments more evenly throughout the year. With the new twice a year recalculation option, members should experience less fluctuation on their average bills due to winter or summer weather.

The plan is open to all residential rate schedule members who have at least six months of usage history in good standing.

If you are currently on the budget payment plan, your recalculation month will now be switched automatically to September.

Members can sign up today online. If you have any questions, or if you prefer to open you account by phone, please contact Customer Service.