CEC’s New Home Performance Path Brings Savings and Efficiencies

A home site under construction with basic framing in place.By Jody Howe
Sr. Energy Specialist

Are you looking to build a new home in Central Electric Cooperative’s territory? Is the focus of your dream home comfort and efficiency?

Start planning your dream home today by gathering information from Central Electric Cooperative and its New Home Performance Path (NHPP). In planning, for your home, you will learn about today’s residential building codes. It’s a good idea to know what creates comfort so then you can upgrade for warmth then upgrade for warmth.

Think and design “maintenance free” where possible outside and inside home. Good “foundations” to healthy “ventilation” have a deeper meaning for comfort and overall health. The products we touch every day to indoor air quality has your attention. This means designing for the area’s changing environments and taking a good look before you break ground.

Designs using the more updated types of heating and cooling systems are a good choice and earn higher scores when “modeling” a home. That includes water heaters and pipe systems, home heating, and the parts that make up this system.

Be proactive, using just slightly better walls assemblies and windows could reduce costs significantly down the road due to energy efficiencies. Opportunities are hard to achieve in retrofitting existing buildings when it comes to walls.

New homes can “build in” to maintain continuous comfort in temperature and ventilation, creating more control when it is too cold or smoky to open a window.  By the way, the “V” in HVAC? That has always been for ventilation.

Take a look at CEC’s residential New Home Performance Path program before you start the building process. We have been promoting air sealing, duct sealing, ventilation and insulation for a while. Learn about the benefits of building above code and you will discover how cost effective efficiency can be when it comes to enhanced comfort.