Community Solar Dedication Ceremony January 21

The Central Electric Community Solar project is complete, using 700 photovoltaic panels to convert clean, renewable energy from the sun into electricity for CEC members!

Members of Central Electric and the general public are invited to attend the project’s official dedication ceremony Thursday, Jan. 21, at 1:30 p.m.  Members of the CEC board of directors will “flip the switch,” the final step to interconnecting the 200,000-watt photovoltaic system with the cooperative’s electrical distribution system. Refreshments will be served.

With that action, solar-generated electricity will begin flowing directly to CEC members for the first time, officially establishing the project as the largest community solar project in Oregon. Its annual production will create enough carbon-emission free energy to serve the electricity needs of approximately 18 CEC residential members. Additionally, the project will help feed the growth of solar energy, ultimately making it more economically competitive with traditional energy sources. The project has the potential to grow its generating capacity to 500,000 watts, depending on the rate of increase in the project’s member participation.

In 2016, Central Electric will be promoting the project throughout Central Oregon, sharing the story of its forward-looking stance for meeting tomorrow’s energy needs. We also will be promoting the opportunity for co-op members to participate in the project’s success by acquiring subscriptions to the energy produced by the solar panels or by enrolling in the long-established Green Power program. (learn more at

Central Electric is the only utility in Oregon to take the innovative approach to building a solar energy project through the use of two separate but related voluntary funding programs.


The 1.3-acre solar energy site is located adjacent to and immediately south of our Bend Service Center at 61090 SE 27th St.  A map is attached (PDF opens new window) to show you how to access the site after turning off 27th onto the road accessing the Deschutes County Landfill before turning left toward our service center.