Youth Tour

The 2019 Oregon Youth Tour delegates pause for a group photo in front of the White House.

Due to COVID-19 and this year’s trip being cancelled, Central Electric Cooperative is offering a scholarship. Learn more here.

What is the Washington, D.C. Youth Tour Program?

The Washington, D.C., Youth Tour is a program offered by cooperatives throughout the nation to high school students from their co-op membership.

Participants receive an all-expense paid trip to the nation’s capital where they are immersed in the nation’s history visiting sites like Arlington National Cemetery, the Vietnam Veteran’s Wall, the Washington Monument, Mount Vernon, and the Smithsonian.

In addition, students not only meet with other participants from across the nation, but they also get the opportunity to discuss current issues with representatives and senators.

Each year, Central Electric selects two high school juniors to go to the nation’s capital. This is an all-expense paid trip for those students selected. The co-op will pay for transportation, lodging, meal expenses, and one checked bag.

Who is Eligible?

  • This opportunity is open to high school juniors.
  • To be eligible, students’ families must be Central Electric Cooperative members.

How do I apply?

Those high school juniors interested in applying can find the 2021 application here. Applications will be accepted through Friday, December 11, at 5 p.m. and can be mailed or dropped off at any Central Electric office.

Applicants will need to include the following typed or legibly written with the completed application:

  • Information about your interests, goals, activities awards and other achievements.
  • In a 500 – 1,000 word essay, describe your view of major challenges facing our nation and what solutions you envision.
  • Describe the biggest challenge you faced during COVID-19 and how you overcame the challenge.
  • Tell us what you know about electric cooperatives.

Applications will be reviewed by a selection team of CEC staffers. Those students selected to continue on in the process will be expected to take part in a short interview with the selection team.

The selected students will be expected to speak about their trip to share their experience with CEC’s Board of Directors as well as CEC’s membership at the co-op’s annual meeting in April 2022.

Why take a chance and apply?

It’s a trip of a lifetime and a life changing experience for any student. But don’t take our word for it. See what past delegates have to say:

Kelly Huang, 2019 Youth Tour Delegate

“This experience drew me out of my shell, which I needed,” says Kelly. “It helped me communicate more easily with others. I would recommend this trip to other students because even if this trip isn’t life-changing, it will be the best trip you’ll ever go on. It is a fun and memorable trip, one you won’t regret. Plus it is a great opportunity you may not have again.” – Kelly Huang,Madras High School Senior and 2019 Youth Tour delegate.

Chantel Rumenapp, 2019 Youth Tour Delegate

“I know this trip has deeply impacted my life in ways I can’t even explain. I would recommend this trip to a student for many different reasons! For one, it’s not very often you have the opportunity to visit the country’s capital city! Besides that, however, reading about these places is very different from actually standing in front of them. It gave me a stronger appreciation for my country and its sacrifices.” – Chantel Rumenapp, Ridgeview High School and 2019 Youth Tour delegate.

Emmett Stevens, 2019 Youth Tour Delegate

“The amount of stuff I learned, and the fun that I had was immeasurable. I would highly recommend going on Youth Tour to anyone interested. It’s a great opportunity to get out of small communities, and visit a big city, as well as learn more about U.S. history. It was also the most fun trip I’ve ever been on.” – Emmett Stevens, Redmond Proficiency Academy and 2019 Youth Tour delegate.

Micah Capson 2018 Youth Tour Delegate

“Youth Tour deepened my appreciation and help[ed me understand our wonderful country better. It widened my perspective and understanding on how other people think and see.” – Micah Capson, Ridgeview High School Senior and 2018 Youth Tour delegate.

Click here to see Micah’s video.

A.J. Robinson 2018 Youth Tour Delegate

“It was a really great experience. You get to meet a lot of other teens like you and you learn about the nation’s history firsthand without being stuck in a classroom.” –A.J. Robinson, Redmond Proficiency Academy Senior and 2018 delegate. 

Click here to see A.J.’s video.

Sadie Rose 2018 Youth Tour Delegate

“Youth Tour taught me that I can make a difference. It showed me there are opportunities outside my state. I heard many amazing life stories while I was in Washington, D.C. and they all showed me that it is ok to aim high and there is no reason why I can’t do something incredible with my life.” – Sadie Rose, Baker Early College Charter High School and 2018 Youth Tour delegate.

Click here to see Sadie’s video.

“I would absolutely recommend Youth Tour to anyone who has the opportunity to go. My overall perspectives were enhanced with the opportunity to participate in the Washington, D.C. Youth Tour. Overall, it was an amazing experience and adventure which left me with greater knowledge of our country and wonderful memories.” – Heather Davenport, Mountain View High School graduate and 2017 Youth Tour delegate.

Click here to see Heather’s Video.

“I would highly recommend this trip to anyone eligible. It is an amazing opportunity which Central Electric Cooperative provides and seeing Washington, D.C., especially if one has never experienced it, is life changing. Also, the trips is loads of fun! From start to finish there is never a dull moment as you are always among others whom are selected from your state.” – Ethan Allison, Summit High School graduate and 2017 Youth Tour delegate.

Click here to see Ethan’s Video.

Michael Dickens, 2016 Youth Tour delegate

“This trip gives you an experience impossible to be obtained in any other way and gives you an incredible perspective of the country and even the world. We as a country isolate ourselves to different areas and ideas, but this trip broadens that perspective and with that comes better understanding. That’s why I would recommend this trip to everyone, even those who aren’t as interested in history or government.” – Michael Dickens, Ridgeview High School graduate and 2016 Youth Tour delegate.

Click here to see Michael’s video.

“It really does change what you know or possibly don’t know about cooperatives and what you know about our country’s history. It also brings you together with people from all over the nation who are interested in learning about cooperatives and more about our history.” – Chloe Blackledge, Ridgeview High School graduate and 2016 Youth Tour delegate.

Click here to see Chloe’s video.



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