Create Warmth in Your Home

A woman sets the temperature on her digital thermostatBy Jody Howe
Sr. Energy Specialist

Will winter last until May?  Now that we may be spending more time inside it is a perfect time to create warmth.  Start by looking at things that can affect how your home retains the comfort. Remember cold air pressures push warm air up and potentially out through the attic space. After a heavy frost or fresh light snowfall take a look at your roof in early morning, before the sun. If you see the framing structure pattern, this is the results of heat leaking into your attic from your home.

Let us help build your checklist.

  • Foundation vents closed to reduce the cold air infiltration to crawl spaces. Check their screens are secure on all sides to protect from rodent entry.
  • Outdoor faucets covered to protect from freezing.
  • Areas around heat pumps are clear of debris, keep snow shoveled away from the system to provide better airflow for performance.
  • Replace, if needed, furnace or Air Handler filter: a small (1”) filter we recommend change out for the winter. Larger filters (4”) have more surface; keep a watch throughout the winter season.
  • Check your heat pump thermostat’s setting. If you prefer 68° during the day and 62° at night program the increase in 2° This avoids using the air handlers back up heat (heat strips) that use more energy.
  • Be mindful if deep snow accumulate on your roof that could block the attic ventilation. Cold air ventilation in the attic helps reduce a possible “hot roof”. As roof snow melts and conditions stay cold, the cycle starts.  Melt, freeze, melt, freeze is the buildup for ice dams.
  • Weatherstrip the crawlspace and attic hatches. ¼” thick will do, make sure the corners meet (no gaps for air leakage).
  • The weather stripping on your exterior doors may be ready for replacement if you see light from the outside of feel the drafts.
  • Confirm exhaust fans run properly. Ventilation removes moisture in kitchens and bathrooms, a defense against mold and odors, improves air quality.

Now you have looked around your property, was there something else that caught your eye?  If you are interested in finding out more about weatherizing or creating more comfort in your home call CEC and speak to an Energy Specialist.