Sprinkler Equipment Program

Upgrading to more efficient irrigation hardware improves irrigation system performance and results in improved uniformity. These improvements make it possible to meet crop water needs with fewer hours of irrigation, and therefore, less energy use. Central Electric Cooperative and the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) are offering a cash rebate for efficiency upgrades to irrigation sprinkler equipment.

How much is the financial incentive?

  • The incentive varies, depending on the equipment installed.  The quantities pages on the digital or online applications have the specified dollar amount each piece of equipment is eligible for. We strive to ensure equitable distribution of the Bonneville Power Administration Energy Efficiency Incentive funding.  Due to current high participation levels, CEC has taken the necessary step of limiting the annual eligible incentive limit to $35,000 per membership.  This practice may change due to factors including, but not limited to, available funding and levels of participation.

To receive the incentive:

  • You must be a CEC member.
  • The submitted equipment must be installed on a CEC Agricultural Account, with an electrically powered pump(s).
  • For existing system replacement, utilize the replacement online application or download.
  • To apply:

Apply Online: Equipment Replacement Download: Equipment Replacement Application

  • For system conversion, utilize the conversion online application or download
  • To apply:

Apply Online: System Conversion Download: System Conversion Application

Please note: This is a Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) energy efficiency program. BPA programs are subject to change without notice.