Heat Pump Water Heater Program

Heat pump water heaters save energy and money

Central Electric Cooperative (CEC) is now offering a $1,000 financial incentive for installing a new heat pump water heater in existing site-built, multi-family and existing or new manufactured homes. $300 for new construction single family homes. Rebates are limited to one per residence.

What is a heat pump water heater?

A heat pump water heater is an ultra efficient water heater that is twice as efficient as a conventional water heater and that’s important because water heating is typically the second largest energy use in the home. This heat pump water heater uses electricity to move heat from one place to another by absorbing heat from the surrounding air and concentrating it in the water tank – the more expensive electric heating elements only come on as a last resort.
Learn where to find out more about heat pump water heaters by clicking here.

To receive the incentive:

  • You must be a CEC member heating your home’s water with electricity.
  • You must live in a single-family, manufactured, or multi-family home. If you rent your home, the homeowner must approve a heat pump water heater installation.
  • The heat pump water heater must replace an existing electric tank style water heater (in existing homes).
  • The heat pump water heater must be listed as an approved product in the BPA qualified products list. Tier 2 units or greater qualify for the $1,000 or $300 rebate.
  • The unit must be installed according to manufacturer’s specifications and have earthquake strapping.
  • Homeowner installs are eligible as long as they are installed to manufacturer’s specifications.
  • The installation will be verified by CEC as meeting BPA standards. Best Practices Installation Guide
  • Once your qualifying heat pump water heater is installed, apply below:

Apply Online Download Application

Please note: This is a Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) energy efficiency program. BPA programs are subject to change without notice.