NEEM Certified Manufactured Homes

CEC offers a cash rebate to encourage buyers of new manufactured homes to upgrade their purchase to a NEEM Energy Star home. NEEM certified manufactured homes are tested and certified at the factory for energy efficiency; efficiency that can save 30% (or more) on your heating bill compared to Federal minimum standards. Energy Star certified construction details add up to increased comfort levels for you now, and a more durable, long lasting, and affordable home in the future.

How much is the financial incentive?

  • $1,000 Incentive for NEEM 1.1: upgrade to insulation and windows, fan ventilation improvement, Energy Star dishwasher, water heater 0.95 (EF) Energy Factor.
  • $1,400 Incentive for NEEM PLUS: highest insulation package, improved u-factor to windows, reduced air infiltration (ACH), more energy efficient fan and smart thermostats, Energy Star dishwasher and refrigerator.

To receive the incentive:

  • You must be a CEC member heating your home with an electric heating system.
  • The home must have been NEEM 1.1 or NEEM PLUS certified at the manufacturer.
  • The installation will be verified by CEC as meeting BPA standards.
  • Once your home has been sited within CEC service territory, apply below:

Apply Online Download Application

Please note: This is a Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) energy efficiency program. BPA programs are subject to change without notice.