Energy-Efficiency Programs Save Members Money

Photo portrait of Dave MarkhamSince the late 1970s, Central Electric Cooperative has led the charge for energy conservation and efficiency programs. Initially, CEC offered a weatherization program that would help qualified homeowners better insulate their houses. Our slate of programs soon grew so members could save money by making home improvements, smart appliance choices, incorporating quick-fix ideas and following energy-saving tips. I am proud to say this invaluable program still thrives today.

CEC offers 16 energy-efficiency programs targeting residential, commercial, irrigation and industrial members. Programs range widely—from new construction standards, high-efficiency heat pumps and water heaters to irrigation equipment and pump testing to commercial and industrial lighting projects. I encourage members to visit and check out our offerings. Our energy specialists can also help members walk through a project and select the right one for their needs.

Central Electric members have consistently shown their commitment to saving money and energy by participating in our energy-efficiency programs. In 2017, 724 members engaged in our program offerings, implementing energy-efficiency measures that will save 4,205,746 kilowatt-hours annually. This is equivalent to offsetting the average annual energy use of 261 homes, based on CEC’s latest available five-year average. I am pleased to see so many of our members working with the cooperative and seeking ways to be more energy efficient.

Central Electric also collaborated with the Environmental Center in Bend on the National Energy Challenge, where 624 co-op members received direct-home installation of 16 LED bulbs and two high-efficiency showerheads. There was no cost to CEC members due to 100 percent incentive funding through the Bonneville Power Administration.

In 2017, we also combined our political grassroots recruitment efforts with our members’ desire for energy efficiency with the mailing of energy-efficiency kits to 608 members who joined ORECA-Action, our political action network. These kits also were funded by the Bonneville Power Administration and contained six LED bulbs and two high-efficiency showerheads.

CEC helped create the ORECA-Action network as a member of the Oregon Rural Electric Cooperative Association. The program keeps our members informed and enlists them as allies as we work with policymakers on energy-related issues, including conservation. Please join today by going to Together, we can ensure the safety, reliability and economic benefits of your electricity, including viable and robust energy-efficiency programs that help you save money and energy.

Dave Markham
President and CEO