Going Green with Electric Vehicles

Central Electric Cooperative's new Chevy Bolt sits in front of solar panels at the solar community installation.

Central Electric Cooperative is committed to supporting our members’ interest in green energy and protecting our environment. The cooperative has launched a new section in its website to help members learn more about electric vehicles, calculate savings, discover tax credits and rebates and more.

The FAQ page breaks down the different types of vehicles on the market so consumers can better understand what they are purchasing, for example, the differences between all-electric vehicles and hybrid-vehicles. There is also information on batteries, charging levels, as well as maintenance and operational costs.

Do you wonder what savings you would achieve going from a gas car or SUV to an EV? CEC’s website includes a calculator option where members can calculate their potential savings with the cooperative’s current kWh rates and the current average local gas price. Learn more about EVs today.