Going Solar With CEC Easier, More Affordable Than Ever

Photo portrait of Dave MarkhamWith new lower­-than-­ever prices and enhanced service through our website, it has never been a better time to join the CEC solar community.

Under the Shared Solar program, members subscribe to whole or partial solar pan­els from CEC’s community solar garden in southeast Bend and receive energy credits on their bill each month. The credits reflect how much solar electricity the subscription generated the prior month. You can easily go solar with no worries about rooftop issues, installation costs, maintenance or upkeep.

Shared Solar means a lower monthly bill. Participating mem­bers save an estimated 17 percent on the cost of their 19-­year subscription. That is based on today’s rates and known future rate changes planned by CEC between now and 2025. If you believe electricity costs will go up over the life of the contract, you can use our shared solar calculator to make your own projections. Any increase you assume will only increase your savings.

The Shared Solar program has benefitted from state and federal grants and tax cred­its. CEC passes these benefits to members through lower subscription costs. A whole panel subscription’s energy production recently was reduced to $517.75, with each panel projected to earn $609 worth of energy credits over the life of the agreement. A half­ panel subscription costs $258.90 and a quarter panel’s cost is $129.45. These are the lowest prices since our community solar project launched in January 2016. If concerned you might move before the subscription period ends, you can take it with you to your next CEC account. If you leave CEC’s service area, you can transfer the subscription to a friend or relative who is also a CEC member, or you can donate it to any of a number of nonprofit organizations that belong to Central Electric Cooperative.

More information is on page 25 in this edition of Ruralite. Full details can be found at www.cec.coop/shared-­solar-signup. You can download a subscription agreement, use the shared solar calculator or learn about our low ­interest financing program. I am sure you will see it has never been a better time to go solar and join the CEC solar community.

Finally, members who bought a subscription at the earlier, higher price soon will receive a check for the difference or an offer to use your refund to increase the size of your subscription. We are committed to having every member of the CEC solar com­munity share equally in its benefits.


Dave Markham
President and CEO