Inspections Maintain CEC’s Reliable Network

Central Electric Cooperative prides itself on the safety and reliability of its electrical system. To ensure this continues, every year CEC hires a contractor to inspect CEC’s facilities.

The Oregon Public Utility Commission requires a visual inspection of every piece of CEC’s equipment at least once every ten years. This includes both overhead and underground facilities within ten percent of the cooperative’s territory each year. Due to the requirement, CEC’s contractor, Estrada Consultants, will need access to CEC member property to inspect the cooperative’s facilities located on the property.

Contractors will be wearing orange vests/shirts, identification badges noting they are CEC contractors, and all vehicles will have a CEC contractor sign on them.

The inspection process will take four to six months to complete. The project will not affect members’ electrical service.

Correction activity will take place in the latter half of 2017 to bring any outstanding issues into compliance.

CEC would like to thank members for their patience during these inspections.

For more information about the inspections and to see a map of the 2017 inspection area, please go to the Inspection page on our website.