Rate Redesign, Phase IV

Rate Redesign, Phase IV

January 2023

Central Electric Cooperative embarked on a five-phase, eight-year transition to a new rate design, which began in January 2017 and ends in 2025. Phase IV, effective  January 1, 2023, marks the fourth of five phases—every odd year.  Members will see the changes on their February bill.

CEC undertook the rate redesign to ensure all members pay their fair share of the costs to operate the utility. After the rate redesign’s full implementation, co-op members will more equitably bear the fixed costs, while their energy charges fluctuate depending on their energy use.

Members can view the co-op’s Frequently Asked Questions for additional background.

Upon implementing each phase, all rate classes will see a reduction in energy charges to offset higher facilities charges, plus a change in the demand rates, except residential, for which a demand rate does not apply.

Rate-class-by-rate-class details are available here:

Residential Rate Redesign

Commercial/General Service Rate Redesign

Agricultural Irrigation Rate Redesign

Industrial Rate Redesign