Net Metering

CEC members who generate their own electricity using solar, wind, fuel cells, or hydroelectric power may interconnect with CEC’s electric grid by entering into a Net Metering Agreement with CEC. Net Metering means that the Customer-generator will only be billed for the difference in what the customer uses and what they generate during a billing month. The agreement is a formal contract that spells out the responsibilities of Customer-generator and CEC when customers wish to send electricity back onto CEC’s grid.

Note: Some alternative energy sources may qualify for a State of Oregon tax credit. Check with the Oregon Department of Energy before installing the system.

No matter what energy source you choose for your electricity, conservation is the most cost effective resource available to us and most people should look for ways to reduce their energy usage before pursuing their own generation.

Can I sell power back to CEC if I generate more than I use in a month?

Yes. If you generate excess electricity in a billing month, that energy is credited to your account at the “avoided cost” (wholesale cost) which is what CEC would pay to purchase energy on the open market.

More Information

Call Central Electric for further details or if you want to begin immediately, click the link to Net Metering to get the formal agreement.

Whatever your situation, the job proposal must be reviewed and approved by CEC before work begins. Once the job is completed, a final verification will be made by CEC prior to executing the agreement.