Take Advantage of CEC’s Energy-Efficiency Programs

Central Oregon’s high desert is no stranger to extreme temperatures. Arctic bomb cyclones and summer heat domes come and go, imposing below-zero to triple-digit temperatures, setting records in their wake.

These weather events can adversely affect your electric bills. Central Electric Cooperative wants to serve as your trusted energy adviser to help you maximize saving and experience year-round comfort while having a home that benefits from greater efficiency.

Members have benefitted from our numerous energy-efficiency, heat pump and electric vehicle programs, receiving $700,000 in rebates funded through the Bonneville Power Administration and CEC.

Last year, our energy-efficiency programs saved members 2.1 million kilowatt hours–enough to power 130 CEC homes.

Working with BPA, CEC has developed multiple energy-efficiency programs to help all members.

Here are a few highlights of our residential programs.

Heat pumps and duct sealing. Heat pumps may save, on average, 25% to 50% off the heating and cooling portion of your electric bills because they move heat instead of generating heat, requiring less energy. CEC offers a cash discount of $250 to $1,450 on the cost of a heat pump, depending on its efficiency and the existing system. You must use a CEC program authorized contractor to receive the discount.

Heat pump water heater. These water heaters can save you more than 60% on the water heating part of your electricity bill. The equipment pulls in air from the space around it, extracting heat from the air and transferring it to the water tank via a refrigerant coil. CEC offers a $1,000 rebate, and a federal tax credit of 30% is available for certain installations.

Weatherization program. CEC offers insulation and window rebates to members living in older, electrically heated homes. Rebates vary depending on the project, and project materials must meet program requirements.

Smart thermostats. CEC offers a $140 rebate for upgrading to a qualified smart thermostat in your electrically heated home. On average, these smart thermostats can save you 8% to 15% annually on your heating and cooling costs. Visit our website for a list of qualifying thermostats.

Income-qualified programs. CEC has partnered with NeighborImpact to offer special incentives and resources for income-qualified households. The program is for renters or homeowners. It covers site-built or manufactured homes, and can provide free home weatherization and a heat pump. Call us to find out more information.

CEC also has rebate programs for irrigation accounts, commercial and industrial members, and electric vehicle owners.

To learn more about these programs, visit www.cec.coop or call 541-548-2144 to speak with an energy specialist. They can determine the best path forward by answering your questions and performing an energy audit at your home if needed. If you qualify for an income-qualified program, they can connect you with NeighborImpact.

We can help improve your quality of living, no matter what the weather.