What Conservation Measures are CEC Members installing?

A heat pump water heaterBy Ryan Davies

CEC Customer & Energy Services Supervisor

CEC, in collaboration with funding provided by Bonneville Power Administration (BPA), currently offers 14 unique programs that provide incentives to members to cost share in various conservation measures.  The programs are constantly changing and evolving, with direction from BPA, but the one thing that remains constant is participation by CEC members.

Weatherization (window & door replacement, insulation upgrades and air & duct sealing) still has a steady level of participation, and is a great place to start on your journey to a more efficient home.  There is a large inventory of mid to older age range homes (built before 1992) within the CEC service territory.  These homes are typically prime candidates to be weatherized.  Insulation takes the cake for the most installs in this category, with windows right behind.  If your home was built after 1992, it was weatherized at the time of construction (based on Oregon Building Code).  If you are curious if your home is “weatherized” to a level that is sufficient for our geographic area, call and speak to one of the CEC Energy Specialists.

Heating and cooling, being the primary use of electricity in electrically heated homes, is typically a great area for improvement and our members are stepping up to the plate in this category.  Replacing electric resistance (electric furnace, cadets, baseboards and plug in wall heaters) with a high efficiency ductless heat pumps or ducted heat pumps is one of the best ways to improve the efficiency of your home.  CEC members are driving these two programs, as they are the two programs with the greatest level of participation.

Another area that is gaining momentum, with participation levels doubling in the past year, is the replacement of standard electric water heaters with high efficiency heat pump water heaters.  The vast majority of CEC member’s water heaters use electric resistance to heat the water, and therefore are prime candidates to be replaced with a heat pump water heater (which is more than 2.5 times as efficient).

All of the above mentioned measures and programs provide an incentive to help pay for eligible installations.  To learn more about these and all of our programs, visit the CEC website or call to speak with one of the CEC Energy Specialists.