Wildfire Season Calls for CEC to Implement Public Safety Measures in High-Risk Areas

Thursday, July 6, 2022

Redmond – As Central Oregon transitions into the heart of wildfire season, CEC has set over 100 reclosers to more sensitive settings on various distribution lines in high-risk wildfire areas throughout its 5,300 square miles, including national forests.

Placing the distribution reclosers in “one-shot” mode will automatically prevent the reenergizing of the power lines when a foreign object, like an animal or tree limb, makes contact. Rapidly de-energizing the power lines this way helps ensure the equipment does not contribute to igniting a wildfire.

Taking these safety precautions will result in a greater number of power outages and for more extended periods. Line personnel will have to visually inspect entire sections of power lines before reenergizing to ensure nothing is in the power line to start a fire.

While an increase in outages and their length in time can be inconvenient, the trade-off helps ensure public safety in high-risk areas. We thank members for their understanding and patience when these occur.

As we experience another wildfire season, please know that CEC is actively doing all it can to protect you and your community. To learn more about our efforts and what you can do, please visit  www.cec.coop/safety-education/wildfire-preparedness.