Agricultural Irrigation Rate Design Changes

The rate redesign program introduced facilities charges for the first time for this rate class, complemented by reduced energy charges. The number of accounts in this rate class amounted to slightly less than 5 percent of all CEC accounts at the end of 2018. Kilowatt-hour rate projections include no assumptions about inflation or future Bonneville Power Administration rate increases.

2017 2019 2021 2023 2025
Facilities Charge (per month)* $15.40 $32.30 $51.87 $71.44 $91
Demand ($kW-month) 4.55 5.29 6.37 7.15 7.93
Energy Charge (cents/kWh) 5.52 5.12 5.02 4.60 4.17

Rate schedule is applicable to pumping loads in excess of 10 horsepower or pumps served by three-phase power lines.

*billed in April through October only