It is essential for Central Electric Cooperative to maintain the safety and reliability of its electrical system. To do this, every year, a CEC-hired contractor inspects CEC’s facilities. A requirement of the Oregon Public Utility Commission, every piece of CEC’s system must be visually inspected at least once every ten years. This means every year CEC inspects ten percent of both overhead and underground facilities within its territory. This will require the contractor to access CEC member property to inspect CEC facilities located on the property.

To adhere to COVID-19 safety precautions, inspectors will not be coming to your door to notify you that they are on your property. If you must talk with inspectors please take proper COVID-19 safety measures.

The inspection process will take four to six months to complete.  Correction activity will take place in 2021 and the first few months of 2022 to bring any outstanding issues into compliance. A full view of the Inspection Map (PDF) is available.

Inspections FAQs

How will I be contacted if I’m in the inspection area?

Members within the inspection area should have already received a notice in their February bill.  CEC will also publish information about the inspections in our Ruralite magazine and on social media.  A second notification will go out to members not yet inspected in the May billing cycle.

It is Central Electric Cooperative’s intent to notify each member with a knock at the door before proceeding onto the property. A door hanger will be left at any location in which the cooperative’s contractors were not able to contact members through the aforementioned procedure.

How can a member identify the contractors working in their area?

Contractors will be wearing identification badges noting they are CEC contractors, and all vehicles (including trucks and ATVs) will have a CEC contractor sign on them. In addition, contractors will be wearing CEC logoed hats.

What will the contractors do?

Contractors will make sure CEC infrastructure is compliant with National Electric Safety Code and rules set forth by the Oregon Public Utility Commission. For overhead inspections, contractors will visually inspect poles, wires, transformers, and cross arms for damage. They will also drill and test poles at and below ground level for pole structure soundness.

Underground inspections will look at clearance zones around equipment, locking mechanisms, overall installation, and install new safety signage.

Will this require my service to be interrupted?

Outages will rarely, if ever, be required for these inspections.

What happens when the contractors find a needed repair or upgrade?

The contractors will be using an electronic device to capture all data from their inspections. The data will be transferred to CEC’s GIS system where we will track healthy installations, deficiencies, and those items needing correction.

The cooperative will use the data to perform maintenance/correction activities. If there is an immediate hazard, the contractors will call CEC and we will send out a crew to address the issue. If this requires an outage, CEC will attempt to contact the affected members in advance.

CEC would like to thank members for their patience during these inspections.