Central Electric Cooperative is dedicated to maintaining the safety and reliability of its electric system. As part of this effort, the Oregon Public Utility Commission requires all utilities to inspect their electric infrastructure at least once every ten years, meaning 10% of both overhead and underground facilities within its territory annually. To do this, a CEC contractor annually performs these inspections, which requires them to access the co-op’s facilities or equipment located on a CEC member’s property.

The inspection process typically takes four to six months to complete, from February to August, dependent on weather. If the contractor identifies any outstanding issues, crews repair or perform maintenance to bring them into compliance. A full view of the Inspection Map (PDF) is available.

Inspections FAQs

How will I be contacted if I’m in the inspection area?


Members within the inspection area receive notices in their February bill.  A second notification goes out in the May billing cycle to members, where the contractor has not yet inspected. CEC also publishes the notices on its social media accounts.

How can a member identify the contractors working in their area? 


Contractors have identification badges noting they are CEC contractors, and vehicles will have a CEC contractor sign on them. In addition, contractors will be wearing CEC logoed hats.

What will the contractors do?


Contractors will ensure CEC infrastructure is compliant with National Electric Safety Code and the Oregon Public Utility Commission requirements. Contractors will perform overhead inspections, including poles, wires, transformers, and cross arms for damage. They also drill and test poles at and below ground level for pole structure soundness.

Underground inspections look at clearance zones around equipment, locking mechanisms, overall installation, and install new safety signage.

Will this require my service to be interrupted?


Outages will rarely if ever, be required for these inspections.

What happens when the contractors find a needed repair or upgrade? 


The contractors use an electronic device to capture all data from their inspections and then transfer the data to CEC’s GIS system.

The cooperative uses the data to perform maintenance and corrective activities. If there is an immediate hazard, the contractors inform CEC, and crews address the issue. CEC will try contacting the affected members in advance if activities require an outage.

We thank you for your patience during these inspections.