Prepaid Program

The Prepaid Program puts you in control of your billings, with the ability to regulate the frequency and amount of payments applied to the account.

This program is for you if you would like to pay your electricity bill when you want with no more due dates, late fees or deposits. You pay in advance for the electricity you will use. You choose when and how you want to view your information and make your payments.

You can phone in your payment, mail or bring it into one of our offices, or pay online. You decide how much you want to place in your account and set the amount when you will be notified that your balance is running low; we recommend setting your notification level at $20.

Sign up for the CEC Prepaid Program


  • Member must have 200 ampere single phase service.
  • Member must have a valid e-mail address.
  • Balance Pay Plan, Auto Pay Plan, Net Metering, Community Solar and Green Power program are not available with the Prepaid Program.
  • Members with a “Medical Necessity Certificate” on file with Central Electric or who have a health condition that could be negatively impacted by power interruptions are not eligible.
  • If the service is to a rental property, contact information for the landlord/owner of the rental property will be provided by participating member.

Account Start-Up

  • If a deposit is currently held on your account, it will be credited towards your balance. If this creates a credit balance, this will be applied toward future power purchases.
  • Your current charges will be calculated from the last time your account billed to the day of set-up on the program and added to your account balance.
  • If you have made a contract payment arrangement with the credit department, your percentage payment amount will be deducted from any payment. Example, if your percentage is 30% and you make a $100 purchase, $30 will go toward your outstanding balance and $70 toward future power use.
  • When your account is initially set-up, you must have a positive balance.


If you have any questions, or if you prefer to open your account by phone, please contact Customer Service. This article in Ruralite magazine tells you more.