Safety Trailer Demonstration

Public safety is a commitment CEC takes seriously. With thousands of miles of electric line covering seven counties, we make it a priority to educate you and the community about safety issues concerning power lines.

In 2009, Central Electric employee volunteers built the High Voltage Safety Trailer, which is used to demonstrate the dangers of contacting overhead and underground electrical lines and electrical equipment attached to those lines.

Watch the experts demonstrate the potential hazards of downed power lines.

Learn what you should do, and not do, from a safe distance and under the watchful eyes of Central Electric’s electrical experts.

See why you want to avoid an improperly connected generator. Learn the safe way to interconnect alternative power generation sources.

Witness the flash of an electrical arc, hotter than the surface of the sun. Learn about electrical faults and other dangerous situations, and how to avoid them.

The trailer and accompanying safety program is available to fire departments, local schools, scouts, 4-H and other civic groups and businesses.

The program, taught by licensed linemen of Central Electric, uses a custom-designed, 30-foot trailer energized to 7200 volts, to demonstrate and educate the public about proper safety precautions around electrical equipment.

If you’d like to schedule a safety trailer demonstration, please contact Erika at 541-312-7769.