Advanced Metering

Modern Electricity Metering More Environmentally Friendly!

When Central Electric Cooperative began delivering electricity to members in 1941, we used a meter technology that recorded use only at the service point. This required that we travel to every meter, every month, to read and record how much electricity was used.

This system remained in place until January 2011 when CEC began converting every member’s meter to a new electronic “smart meter” and completed the project by January 1, 2013. These new meters are the cornerstone of our Advanced Metering Infrastructure project, or AMI. This technology enables us to take meter readings electronically without sending anyone to your property, although annual inspections are needed to ensure the meter is operating safely and accurately.

The new meters save costs associated with labor and vehicle usage, reduce the cooperative’s emission levels, and make our meter reading schedules and billing processes more consistent.

We chose the well-proven Power Line Carrier technology to receive your meter data. The data is transmitted over the power lines already connected to your home or business. There is no signal transmitted from the meter via the airwaves. This eliminates any health concerns some might have over radio wave transmissions. It also is the most practical and economical solution for our large service area with its rugged terrain and low customer density.

Members can access their use data via a secure web site, giving them more insight to their patterns of use and equipping them to make the best decisions about their electricity use. Members can view this information by logging in to SmartHub and accessing their account(s).

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News Releases


Central Electric Begins Meter Change-out Program Central Electric Cooperative’s (CEC) members began receiving new electric meters today, marking the next major step in the Coop’s three-year program to upgrade its metering system and billing processes.

All members are scheduled to receive meters capable of transmitting usage data by the middle of 2013.