Heat Pump & Duct Sealing Program

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CEC is offering members a great value when they install a heat pump through this program and CEC will provide a financial incentive for an approved job in the form of a cash discount.

How much is the financial incentive?

There is a cash discount of $250 – $1,850 on the cost of the heat pump depending on the efficiency of the heat pump, existing system and the condition of the ducts. Both new and existing homes can qualify. Electric furnaces without heat pumps can qualify for a $250 duct sealing discount if the ducts need repair.  Homes with two independent ducted heating systems may be eligible for a cash discount for each system.

How to get started:

Contact one of the contractors on the Heat Pump Program Contractor List and ask them for a bid proposal. The contractor will guide you through the qualification and installation process.

  • The contractor requests pre-approval of the job from Central Electric Cooperative.
  • Once pre-approval is granted, the contractor installs the heat pump system and discounts the job cost to the customer.
  • The contractor submits the final documentation to Central Electric Cooperative.
  • Once the job receives final approval, CEC is notified to issue the discount check to the contractor.
  • An on-site inspection by CEC may be performed.

More information:

Click here for our heat pump program brochure.

Please note: This is a Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) energy efficiency program. BPA programs are subject to change without notice. All projects must receive pre-approval to be eligible for the financial incentive.