New Home Performance Path

CEC is offering a cash rebate to encourage home buyers and builders to construct a home that is more efficient than standard building code.  The New Home Performance Path program allows for a customized rebate based on the kWh savings your structure is above code (10% minimum).  New Home Performance Path verified construction details add up to increased comfort levels for you now and a more durable, long lasting, affordable home in the future.

How much is the financial incentive?

  • The incentive varies, depending on the modeled kWh savings your structure will achieve above building code (10% minimum).  This provides the ability for the home owner or builder to receive a higher cash rebate, for a more efficient home.

To receive the incentive:

  • You must be a CEC member heating your home with an electric heating system.
  • The home must be new construction and certified under the New Home Performance Path guidelines.
  • This program is available to owners or builders of new, New Home Performance Path certified homes that have an electric heating system. The home must be sited within CEC’s service territory.
  • Contact your local New Home Performance Path Verifier.  They will guide you through the modeling process as you design your home.
  • The home will be verified by CEC as meeting BPA standards.
  • Once your home has completed the final certification step within CEC service territory, apply below:

Apply Online Download Application

Please note: This is a Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) energy efficiency program. BPA programs are subject to change without notice.